Arnold Rikli

A Swiss hydropath named Arnold Rikli was one of the first people to recognise the value of Bled’s climate. He founded the Institute of “Natural Healing” , built baths, walking paths, excursion points and accommodation facilities.

The Artist’s vision

After extensive and profound research Anja’s vision resulted in a modern hipster image of Arnold Rikli.

On most of our products this image is brought to perfection quoting his famous words.

”Water is good, air is better and most of all the sunlight.”

Bathing in the lake and in the baths constituted an integral part of Rikli’s treatment method. For this, two cold springs with temperatures of 10°C and 15.6°C were used. He also recommended warm baths and steam baths. In addition, sunbathing on the bath galleries was obligatory. Walks were part of his healing programme. He selected several excursion points in the Bled area and categorised them according to degree of difficulty.

Rikli maintained strict house rules which all patients were required to observe. Early rising was followed by walks and physical activity in fresh air. To improve circulation, they walked barefoot on dewy grass.